Courses Conducted By m.p.t.i.:-

Mind power & Advance mind power -

You guys are not bored of living same kind of life. “if you guys do the same thing as before then you will be getting the same results as earlier. So, we must work in a different manner to get different results.

Mind power is the ability to direct and focus the power of mind to create specific outcomes in life.

Mind power is not magic. Mind power is not about being able to make someone else do something they don't want to do. Mind Power is not about controlling another person's mind or imbedding your thoughts, beliefs, memories or images in another person's mind.

Mind power is personal. Mind power is something that you work with personally to create a specific outcome that you want. This workshop is a practical training to learn how to use the power of subconscious mind to achieve all your goals.


Online Trading Training -

The main activity line of Matrix is rendering first-grade investment services aimed at speculative profit making from operating in the worldwide financial markets. Matrix Company clients use the leading technologies in the online-trading
Today, Matrix services are of a great interest for more than 5000 currency derivatives traders all over the world, among them there are beginners as well as professionals of currency derivatives trading. Opening an account you get an access to currency
derivatives trading operations, and also to futures deals of currency derivatives and commodity markets.

TrainThe Trainer -

MPTI provides a range of training courses, including Train the Trainer, NLP which polishes the individual & brings complete development in the Organization & individual worldwide.

Leadership Development Training –

Mpti provides you training about how to be an effective trainer and leadership development so that you are actually investing in developing your leadership brand. Enormous research has been done on how to train adults with impact. We train you here with some specific tips that will increase the impact of your investment in building leadership brand, as opposed to developing leaders.

Parenting -

We focus on children's needs for warm, nurturing relationships with their parents—and on parents' experiences and feelings as they take the time to meet their children's needs.

College Campus To Corporate –

In this course mpti trains the college student how to get entry into corporate, here we train you from designing your c.v. till getting the interview crack.

Money Matrix –

The only true way to become successful is to be successful in our own minds first. We must think success. We must believe success.

Memory Workshop -

Our memory trainers will show you how to increase your memory skills as you learn memory techniques to remember names, lists, numbers, presentations, key client information, foreign languages, vocabulary, equations, school work and much more.

Insurance Selling With Mind Techniques -

Hypnotherapy –

Discover how career as a hypnotherapist can change lives. Becoming a hypnotherapist is a very rewarding profession & can literally change the lives of people you come into contact with & your life as well. But, there is so much more to becoming a hypnotherapist than simply learning how to hypnotize someone.

Career Counseling –

Matrix Offers Career counseling & guidance

Health Counseling –

Matrix provides health counseling through hypnotherapy, mind power training etc.

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