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  “A man without a goal is doomed to work for the man with the goal”. Our life is so filled with expectations of success that we hardly even meet them. And when we do, its not what we thought it was going to be. Only about 5% of the population actually become successful in their lives i.e. true success. They are the ones that are able to unleash the power of their minds.

About Workshop – Conducted by Mr. Shailesh Rane

*  He conducts the workshops regularly to train the people to practice alpha meditation & use their subconscious mind. These workshops are conducted all over india.

*  He has initiated thousands of people to get into alpha meditation mode to increase their mind power & bring out their inherent positive qualities & enjoy better quality of life.

Has counseled thousands of people & helped them to cope up with their problems in life.


Objective Of the Workshop:

‘Miracle of mind’ is a 2 day workshop presented by Mr.

Shailesh rane it initiates the person to get into alpha meditation mode to activate his/her brain & access the power of his/her subconscious mind. This helps a Person to get rid of all kind of stress & empower him to handle any situation in life very effectively.

This workshop helps the person to bring out their inherent good & positive qualities & it also helps to increase their self confidence.

The way he presents the contents of the workshop which brings the changes in the attitude of many people it just make them more on a positive side.

Vision Of The Directors:

Chairman – Mr. Shailesh Rane – mech. Engineer, p.g.d.b.m.(From u.k. University),

Mind Power trainer, nlp trainer, personality development trainer, leadership development trainer, hypnotherapist.

Mr. shailesh rane is a highly popular motivational speaker and a Mind Trainer. He is widely known for his motivational trainings.

He has helped many individuals and corporate sectors achieve their desired goals through the motivational workshops that he organizes regularly at various Cities in India and abroad.

Executive director –

Mr. ashok jadhav –

Mr. keshav wankhede –

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